1. Norio Hayashi

Norio Hayashi

Board of Directors
EduLab タイトル
the Japan Institute for Educational Measurement, Inc.
Norio Hayashi

After graduating from the Faculty of Letters at Kokugakuin University in 1982, he joined the Eiken Foundation of Japan, an incorporated foundation (currently a public interest incorporated foundation). He was engaged in research, education, and the application of test theory which is the measurement technique in the field of education. He also established the practical use of a latest testing theory. He led the development of the next generation English test, “CASEC” (Computerized Assessment System for English Communication), which was released in 2001. He has been a director of the foundation since 2003. He joined JIEM in 2002 and became a current board member in June 2003. He has been a senior vice president of EduLab, Inc. since March 2015. He was a visiting researcher at the International Institute for Language and Culture of Waseda University from 2003 to 2006. He is presently serving as a director of the Japan Association for Research on Testing.