1. Hiroshi Ikeda

Hiroshi Ikeda

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External Director,
the Japan Institute for Educational Measurement, Inc.
Hiroshi Ikeda
Hiroshi Ikeda

He completed a doctorate degree at the University of Tokyo's Graduate School of Humanities without a doctoral degree in 1964. He acquired his PhD from the University of Illinois in the US in 1965. He served for many years as a professor and now as a professor emeritus at Rikkyo University. He has also worked as a professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, a Fulbright senior research fellow at the University of Pittsburgh, a visiting professor at the National Center for University Entrance Examinations at the Open University of Japan, and the chief director of the Japan Association for Research on Testing. Active internationally, he is an expert in the fields of educational statistics and psychological and educational measurement and has become known as the leading figure in Japan on test theories. He has many publications. His current research theme is research and development in new education evaluation methods using computers. He has been serving as an outside board member of JIEM since 2002, and is currently a director of the Japan Association for Research on Testing.