1. Eiji Muraki

Eiji Muraki

EduLab タイトル
External Director,
the Japan Institute for Educational Measurement, Inc.
Eiji Muraki
Eiji Muraki

After graduating from Psychology Course, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Waseda University in 1970, he acquired his Ph.D. in measurements, evaluation and statistical analysis programs from the University of Chicago in 1982. After graduating, he worked on the development of psychological statistic models used in educational assessments such as the California Education Measurement Project at the National Opinion Research Center (NORC). As a senior researcher, he worked on statistics and quantitative psychological research at the Educational Testing Service (ETS) from 1989, and worked at ACT in 2001, and has since 2002 been professor at the Graduate School of Educational Informatics Research Division, Tohoku University. His main field of research is quantitative psychology and the development of methods used in educational measurements. He has published many scientific papers, and developed a computer program used as the standard software in educational assessment. Has made an enthusiastic contribution to the development of quantitative psychology in Japan and the U.S. through various academic society activities.