1. Daisuke Shudo

Daisuke Shudo

EduLab タイトル
Vice President
Region Manager (International Baccalaureate, China)
Daisuke Shudo

After graduating from the Faculty of Economics at Keio University in 1990, he joined Nippon Steel Corporation. In 1999, he completed an MBA at the Graduate School of Business Administration at Keio University. He was in charge of corporate planning at Koa T&T (Minowa Koa Co., Ltd which merged into KOA Co., Ltd.) in the same year and managed the purchase of the touch pad business for laptop computers from Logitech, Inc. After finishing the establishment of a company from the purchased business, he took his new post as CEO (president) of K-TECH DEVICES, Inc. (ELANTECH DEVICES Corp. which merged into ELAN Microelectronics Corp.). After organizing the work of the head office, in order to maintain the business, he searched for and successfully negotiated a deal to finance a new business line and succeeded in going public in the over-the-counter market in Taiwan. In 2008, he joined JIEM as a general manager. After serving in the management department, he was in charge of establishing a corporation in Singapore in order to start businesses overseas. He transferred to EduLab, Inc. after it started in 2015. He is currently leading the business in China, making full use of his excellent communication skills there. He also currently serves as a director of both Edutech Lab AP Pte. Ltd., a Singaporean corporation and Edutech Lab AP Limited, a Hongkongese corporation.