1. Chunlai Wu

Chunlai Wu

EduLab タイトル
Vice President
China Business Development
Chunlai Wu

Originally from Shenyang City, Liaoning, China, he studied information science at Shenyang Institute of Chemical Technology in China and then moved to Japan. He completed a Master’s degree in the Tohoku University Graduate School of Educational Informatics in 2008. He entered a doctoral program in social and human sciences at Tokyo Institute of Technology's School of Environment and Society in 2012. His area of specialty is test theory. He joined JIEM in 2008 where he is engaged in research on test theory and test development in the research and development department. He transferred to EduLab, Inc. after its establishment in 2015 and, currently being in charge of business development in China, he has led and managed projects including investment in cram school companies and education service businesses, starting up of new businesses, and attracting outside investment.