1. Tatsuya Yasunaga

Tatsuya Yasunaga

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Vice President
President/CEO, DoubleYard Inc.
Tatsuya Yasunaga
Tatsuya Yasunaga

He has around twenty years of experience in Computer Engineering industry. Born in Shanghai China, he started programming when he was in junior high school. While studying in University of Tokyo, he was a founding member of Hottolink Inc., leading the product development. After graduating in 2002, he joined SAP, worked on various cross border projects in Germany, US, etc. and experienced in large-scale software development. In 2011, he joined iDeep Solutions as the software architect lead for a large scale remote conferencing system. In 2016, he joined EduTech Lab, based in Singapore, lead the AI software development. In 2018, he is entrusted to lead the AI business in EduLab based on his strong technical background. He holds a master degree in Computer Engineering from University of Tokyo and is conversant in Japanese, Chinese and English.